portrait sessions: julie / by Shelby Robinson


Over the past few weeks, I've made it a priority to spend time with different kinds of people (and to bring my camera along). It's been incredible to explore more of the state through the eyes of friends, both new and old.

On this Thursday, Julie and I met at the best little restaurant in Detroit called Mudgies and then explored Belle Isle for the afternoon. One of the loveliest things about being a photographer (or artist or maker, etc) is that there's this feeling of elation when you create something new. Almost greater than anything else. It's like this buzzing energy, that slowly grows inside of you. And when you can share that with another human being, through a shared vision or activity, it makes it even stronger. I don't really know where this path is taking me, all I know is to keep going and growing. I can feel something slowly building. Inch by inch.


Taken w/ my brand spanking new 35 mm. Edited in Lightroom using Portra 160 VSCO presets.