no 6 : maru kalamazoo / by Shelby Robinson

The sixth Maru officially opened their doors to Kalamazoo on March 4th! 

It's been such a treat to not only watch this concept grow, but to be a part of the planning and creating. Weeks leading up to the opening, there was this exciting buzz within the company. The long-anticipated location was nearly ready! 

We took a field trip on Monday (why are field trips still so great??) to visit our new family and spent the afternoon meeting new faces and taking photographs and sampling new cocktails like the Soju Lemonade (pictured above). Muddled blackberries, basil, soju and lemonade.... simple and dangerously delicious. Megan is the boss of cocktail creation. . 

Maru Kalamazoo is located in an old train depot downtown, right next to HopCat and a few blocks away from Black Owl Cafe (Kalamazoo Coffee Company). The interior is complete with exposed brick, big wooden beams and gorgeous hardwood floors. Although it is very "Maru" in aesthetic, it has a more rustic feel that makes it even more unique than the other locations. Each new Maru seems to get better and better. 

Now that the anticipation of Maru Kalamazoo has subsided, we are able to focus on our next new adventure. A little something extra-special is coming to Grand Rapids this spring....... Stay tuned <3